Differential Treatment

and specialized care

CRS is a private, residential structure for the elderly,
licensed since 1992. We work daily to improve the
care provided to each of our residents, according
to their degree of autonomy and pathologies associated with aging.

Reliable Geriatric Care

With an adapted physical space, a large and multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals, CRS has been, for 3 decades, a reliable answer to the following situations:

Medical and Nursing Assistance

Prescription and Medication Management

Specialty Consultations

Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy

Psychological Support

Residents and Family Members

Animation Activities

Cultural and outdoor leisure programs

We provide an Integrated Service

We are a resource center specializing in providing a wide range of physical and emotional care services.

Food supervised by a nutritionist

Podiatry Consultations and Treatments

Hairdressing and Aesthetics

Meals for Visitors

Assisted Travel

Religious Assistance

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The Best Decision

The decision to join an ERPI is not always an easy one, either for Patients or for their Caregivers. However, numerous factors determine, at a given time in the lives of families, this option.

We believe that the differentiating value of CRS comes from its own methodology of integration and monitoring of residents, in close articulation with family members, which focuses on valuing the gains from this response:

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